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You can call me a dreamer but I'm not the only one-John Lennon. I am a permaculture enthusiast with a minimalist lifestyle having an eye on international politics. I turned into this type of person not by will but because of the circumstances. I am not very well off so minimalism really suits me. I like to read conspiracy theories and am really interested in making a nuclear shelter house. I also believe that there will be a world war which will test our bond of humanity and we should be prepared for it. If we are talking about fallout for a nuclear winter type of situation then using our resources very carefully and smartly will help all of us and care and save the world. Permaculture is a step towards it. I personally don't have a permaculture farm or any land because I cannot afford it. But I have read a lot about it and it will be easier for me to implement it once I get a chance. In this process I am trying to help other people and encouraging them to be more knowledgeable about our way of life style, culture, and farming so we can help everyone. The earth can provide for everyone's needs but not everyone's greed. Join me in this journey so we can be our better selves and for the betterment of others.

Why I became minimalist 

I will be really honest here. I am a minimalist not by choice but it's because of the circumstances. I was completely broke. I am just thinking about the way that I can reduce my expenditures. Well not knowing enough about the minimalism I started to declutter the unwanted and unnecessary things for my life. I was always inspired by Japanese houses and Buddhist monks. That is how these Buddhist monks live their life so simple and yet they are very satisfied and happy with their life. I once read a quote that rich people are not those who don't have everything in life but rich people are those who don't need many things. Which I still think is one of the best quotes to live by.

These principles and ethics should be included for mass education of people. To tackle the new challenges like climate change and others, these green techniques should be adapted at a very individual level. So then it can be implemented on an organizational level.

These climate changes, mass drought and other natural catastrophe are becoming more common because of the misuse of resources, capitalist mindset trying to achieve temporary profit, inefficient conventional and outdated extraction of minerals and oil damaging the earth in the process. Resulting in other problems rather than offering solutions.

This is our Pinterest account and Wikipedia author page. Writing on my websites like worldwar3rd is a way to channel my energy and I try to be as helpful as I could. I may not be a good writer because English is not my first language. Not even my second language. So really apologize for my mistakes.

Please comment and share your thoughts about the topics and the website. so I can know how I can improve it and help more. If you want to help me in this journey then you can also suggest me through the contact form.

Be minimalistic and do permaculture!


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