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Personal Productivity Planner Home maintenance PDF A4 A5 page Binder

Personal Productivity Mixed Beautiful Printable Planner to ease your problem in life. Includes 60+ awesome pages of home maintenance, personal and productivity checklists. PDF A4 A5 page size all in one binder.

Personal, Productivity, Home Maintenance Binder Contains

This ultimate organizing planner contains 60+ pages of cover pages, general goals page, decluttering checklists, decluttering methods and guides, to do lists, work  schedule tables, budget pages, bill payments, grocery, recipe pages, important tasks pages, books to read, movies to watch, goals calendars, workout routines and other many miscellaneous pages. 

Digital downloads

These are the digital downloads. The link to purchase will be provided after the purchase is confirmed. You can find these downloads in your download tabs of the browser you're using or in the download folder of your device.

There will be no physical item, you will receive it only in a pdf file. These prints can be opened on Adobe acrobat reader, edge or any other PDF file app. These PDF files are installed in your device by default. So you don't need any special software for these PDF files.

Some of the printables include already filled information so you can get an idea of how to fill them. Some of the printables have been left blank so you can make your own type of different prints and incorporate the changes.

Minimalistic designs 

To keep these digital downloads easy to use. Minimalistic colors have been used. The black, white and light blue colour has been used mainly.

These colors may vary a little between monitors and printers.

Reusable undated printable planners

Pages are undated so that you can add your own date for your own ease. Also to reuse these templates again and again. You can print these files as many times as you like. 

If you want to download the selective pages or a page. Just print more of that individual page.

Standard size 

These planners are sized 8.3” x 11.7”(A4 page) standard size. Also it can fit in other sizes like a A4 page or other page sizes suiting you. 

For personal use

All designs are for personal use only. However, these designs are not intended to use for any commercial purpose and can not be resold.

We are still trying to improve these designs everyday. It is a constant work and you can point out or suggest any change in these designs for betterment. We will be happy to make these changes to our templates.

Click the link below to download it. It will take you to our store website. Where all our products are kept and can be purchased securely.



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