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How to declutter your mind and life-12 Steps and tips for detox decluttering

Mind decluttering means to remove the clutter of different thought processes to think clearly, being more productive and getting more focused.

It can also be said as the mind detoxation. There can be many ways to detoxify the mind and it is different for every person. There can be different techniques that can be applied for this. You can choose the techniques that are most suitable to you.

To achieve detoxification of mind is a way to clear your mind to think or to focus more clearly on the tasks that matter more. Mind decluttering and life decluttering is closely linked with one another and achieving it will create positive results in our life. 

Everyday we have thousands of different thoughts. We process different kinds of information in the mind. Everything we see, hear, think or how we interact with the other things these are all processed in the mind. Even when we exercise when the release of dopamine and other chemicals like testosterone which are the response from the mind.

So when we overthink, overdo or repeat the same processes time and time again. We increases overloading on our mind which can result in negative emotions like anxiety.

How to declutter your mind and life
Mind and life decluttering

Mind decluttering for mind detoxification work along with other kinds of decluttering. Like other decluttering physical decluttering, digital decluttering, emotional, reducing multitasking, time decluttering and relationship decluttering. So it is important to take a step by step approach making small habits and doing small tasks. It is really difficult to actually achieve total inner peace, funny happiness and every goal. But that journey to achieve this is all that matters. This little imperfection will make way for perfection. Every small step we take towards the betterment of our life will be a victory for us. Moreover these small steps  can take up to turn us into a totally different and better person.

Like going for a walk, practice meditation, exercise regularly and making these things your habit for everyday. Sleep more hours as your body requires, spend more time with the people that make you actually happy and start journaling as a hobby.

Benefits of mind decluttering

Decluttering  your mind or detoxifying your mind will help you press the reset button of the mind. which will eventually help you think more clear, productive, getting more focused and motivated. also it will reduce the anxiety, anger and other negativity to your system. 

These are 12 main steps and tips for mind and life decluttering

  1. Taking a break
  2. Make time for yourself
  3. Physical decluttering 
  4. Emotional  decluttering
  5. Digital minimalism
  6. Soul decluttering
  7. Meditation
  8. Prioritising
  9. Stop multitasking
  10. Exercising
  11. Sleeping better
  12. Journaling

Taking a break

Taking a break from your busy routine bill is the burden of work. Then we can sit, relax and ponder about other important things in life. This alone may not be enough to clear the mind but with making small habits into a routine like other exercising, meditation and other can really help us.

Make time for yourself

Working on the things that really makes us happy can increase the pleasure chemicals like dopamine. It will make content, satisfied and accomplished in many cases. Trying to work on your hobbies or find a new hobby. Even for a very small time will be enough for the whole day.

Remove the physical clutter

Physical decluttering means the decluttering of the objects that we use. Most of the time we don't use the clothes, objects and other things but they are just looking around Creating your whole mess. This mess for clutter will have psychological effects on us. Which we have explained many times on this website. It will reduce the power efficiency, productivity by becoming a burden subconsciously on our mind. so it is important to declutter over wardrobe, room, office space and house.

Decluttering items and things
Physical decluttering

Emotional Decluttering

Like every other type of decluttering we have also discussed emotional decluttering. Emotions have a direct impact on the mind so it is important to have all the systems of the body in harmony. Clearing every aspect of our life to see more clearly. work on the things that really matter to us and not those things that will forever confuse our mind. The same goes with the people around us we should  be more  selective of the people that surround us. Not totally discarding them from our life but giving them the selective time that they really deserve. welcoming their positive energy and keeping away from the negativity. 

Digital minimalism

It is a concept of limiting the time and engagement  of our digital presence. Video and other streaming platforms are built this way to make us more engaged on the platform. Which when exceeding their use can result in anxiety, envy and the and other negativity which we do not want. In this day and age this is one of the main reasons for the mind cluttering.

We have discussed digital minimalism in detail with the step by step approach which can help us become more digitally minimalist.

Digital minimalism for simple content living
Digital minimalism

Spiritual decluttering

Spiritual or soul decluttering means to get rid of the negative energy in the body and to letting in positive energy from nature and people. There can be many methods to do it like making peace with yourself, meditating and living in the present.

All of these types of cluttering can work together with each other. Which will make you feel more relaxed, content and more focus to do work.

Making peace with yourself

To find inner peace it is important to make peace with your past and release the fear of the future. These are the two things that keep us from learning, living in the present and finding peace. 

We can get away from the regrets of our past by giving the people that it does wrong. Not thinking about the things we could have done as we have to submit our well to the universe plan or the Gods plan. We have to be submissive to the universal laws and believe that everything happens for a reason. Maybe we can learn some things from stoicism. Working on the art of not caring much and letting the universe take its route. Going with the flow of nature. We cannot change the past but can definitely change the future by living in the present and working on our present. 


We have explained it in many articles that how important is meditation in channeling your energy. It can really help us achieve inner peace. Looking into the types of different meditations and we can choose among these meditations that we really think can help us achieve our goals.


Prioritising every task with its importance can lead us to become more productive. Also it will make us become more clear and keep us away from all the burden of different other small pending tasks.

Stop Multitasking

It is never healthy to multitask. But also it is more inefficient and it will just take us more time with the unsatisfactory work done. We do multitasking in an attempt to save our time. But like using a phone while driving it will take out of focus on a single thing and make things more complicated for a brain to process.

Simplify living by less Multitasking
Simplify living

So it is effective for us to prioritise and do work with more focus clearing our mind from the unnecessary mess.


There is a deep connection between exercising and the mind. Exercising even for 20 minutes can keep us active throughout the day. It is known that having decreased anxiety, stress and other negative emotions also increases the dopamine. These dopamine chemicals can be the main ingredient  which makes us content. 

Sleeping better

Sleeping better and completing the sleep that a body requires can have a positive effect on our health, mind and body. It is a natural phenomena of a body like a reset button. Completing the sleep cycle will ensure that detoxification of the mind.


Journaling is a hobby which is very underestimated by many people. There are many benefits of travelling like who can use it to channel over negative thoughts, our anger,

Sometimes it is better to listen to yourself. From listening to yourself it means putting your thoughts into words so you can exercise your mind and remember your thoughts. It will give you subconscious benefits like processing your mind to remember these thoughts and  your mind will eventually help you find a way out of your problems. There can be the type of journaling like making a to do list, not to do list, tasks, listing things to keep, marking your calendar, scheduling work daily, weekly or monthly basis. This will help us a lot and in the end of the day we will feel very satisfied, clear and motivated.

Monthly and weekly planners 

These are the weekly and monthly planner which you can download freely for your own use. These can help you achieve your goal and make your life a lot easier. Write, work and calculate your task and chores progress with these planners.

Monthly planners for journaling every day

Chore chart weekly planners

Weekly planners everyday writing

You can also try journaling by speaking on your mobile device for the laptop. There are many voice recognition softwares feelings available on every kind of device today.  We can use them to put our words from mouth in the document shape. It will require less time as compared to writing. Also when we speak we also hear our own words. This will help us subconsciously more in gaining confidence, literally thinking out loud and eventually clarifying our thoughts into the actual words. Both types of journaling like writing it down or by speaking both have its own benefits.

Steps and tips to declutter your life
Declutter your life 

This every step and tip will help reduce the clutter in our mind. Making these our lifestyle can keep us content, efficient and better for the rest of our life. So decluttering can definitely change your life.


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