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How to declutter your home-minimalist tips for easy life and fast planning

Decluttering your home means organizing important belongings and getting rid of the unnecessary items. We use different kinds of methods to declutter which can result in more categorised and clean surroundings.

There are many benefits of decluttering a house other than an organised neat and tidy lifestyle. To have more focus, make your mind more clear, productive and creative it is necessary to declutter the things that are becoming a hurdle or waste for us. Also it will help us to ease the stress and anxiety.

It was believed before that a messy room or messy house can make you more creative. But the new research indicates that a cleaner house or room can result in more creativity. So using decluttering methods and utilising it in our life can really help us.

It has also been proved by much research that multitasking decreases productivity. Opposite is true for the tunnel vision or more focus work on a single thing and less things.

tips for decluttering your home easily
Declutter your home

So keeping the important things in life and getting rid of the others can help us in ways that we cannot imagine.

Principles of decluttering

We can make use of the 4 R’s in Zero waste of Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in minimalist decluttering too. These can be the four principles of decluttering.

These can be the main parts for a sustainable meaningful minimalist decluttering living to give more and take less from the world.


It means to reduce the intake of things so these things will not eventually become a clutter for ourselves. Draw a line between the things we really need and the things we don't need. Keeping only the things that are really necessary for us will save us a bunch of money. Also this money will not run into trash for us.


It means to lessen the waste we produce or the clutter we is by simply applying the methods of decluttering step by step approach for using the daily or weekly planner. Simply sorting the things into different categories can help us categorise and finally decrease the mess.


It means to live like to improvise things in a better way. Essentialism is basically minimalism but emphasizes more on the long lasting and more usefulness of the things. So we can use the better quality of the things and reuse it again.


We can live a more sustainable, minimalistic life producing very less waste in many ways. Which we have covered in this whole website. We can start a kitchen garden or food forest in our backyard going organic and it will recycle our food waste.The permaculture deals with all the sustainability aspect of farming. We can recycle our old clothes to make something again creative and useful. Also we can improve the recycling in many other areas.

4 Principles of decluttering
Principles of decluttering

Decluttering your room

One way to declutter your house is to start by your own room. Then in your own room start by  doing it in a clockwise manner. When following this direction, we can declutter or clean our room quickly. If we start randomly decluttering things then we can feel that it will take a lifetime to do it because we don't see any significant progress doing it randomly. So it is better to do it in direction wise probably clockwise starting from the door. Cleaning all the mess in the drawers, closet, tables and other furniture along the way.

Declutter the wardrobe

Minimalistic lifestyle also includes minimalistic clothing. Which means to focus more on the quality of your clothes rather than quantity of your.clothes. From quality it does not mean that you should wear expensive clothes what it means to choose the clothing that represents you, to complement your personality or suits you. These clothes can be very simple or according to your personality. So it is important to declutter your wardrobe and choose the clothing that you really deserve. 

Most of the people wear very few clothes from the wardrobe. They reserve other clothes for only one or two occasions and don't wear the rest of them for many months or even years. We should be clear in our mind how we want to be clothed. make fashion around our personality and complement it from our clothing. Giving away, decluttering and donating our unneeded and old clothes can do a lot. of good. Also it will decrease our debt a lot more than we can imagine. If you calculate the money we spend on wearables which include clothes, shoes, jewelry, makeup, face wash and many other items. This will definitely save a lot of money that we can use for something better. It is again social media and other modern life factors that are keeping us  following the life of others and not focusing on what we really want. We should never compare ourselves with others and set some rules and ideas for us to succeed. If you stand for nothing, we will fall for everything.

Decluttering the messy wardrobe
Decluttering the wardrobe

Decluttering the sentimental value items

It is not easy for everyone to declutter or lose things. These things can be a waste for some but can mean a sentimental value for them. But you can still declutter further in the sentimental items. Like we have discussed what living in the present means in the other article. Also we can give us more time to think on getting rid of these  things. But still if you think that these things spark joy or have value for you then you can keep them.

Types and strategies of decluttering 

There are many different strategic methods and tricks to declutter your home easily and fast.

These methods are

  • 4 box method
  • One method
  • The minimalists game
  • Konmari method
  • Daily and weekly planners

4 box method

It's a very simple and easy method.We just organised and categorised our items into four different boxes. we can name these boxes as “Put away, Give away, Throw away, and Undecided”. The undecided box can be the box for sentimental items or the items we need to think more on. Whether to place it in any category or not.

There can be another variation to this method. In which the boxes can be labelled as “relocate, donate, trash and sell”.You can choose the method which you feel is more feasible for you.

Different methods for decluttering your home
Methods of decluttering

One method

It is also another very simple and easy method. Which is to remove or get rid of one thing everyday. It is a very doable method. But it can take a long time to declutter if you are a long time hoarder.

The Minimalists Game

It can be said as the valuation of the one method. It is a fun type challenge of a month or 31 days. In this challenge we declutter things assignings things to days. First day we remove 1 item then 2 items on the 2nd day then 3 and so on. At the end of the challenge we remove 496 things or items from our house.

Konmari method 

Konmari is another very effective technique to declutter. In this method we tried to declutter our belongings not on the basis of space for location but according to their categories. We first start with the clothes, then to the books and in the last the things which have sentimental value to us.

Also we keep our belongings that really spark joy in our heart and give away the rest of them. This method was introduced by Marie Kondo as the name suggests.

Daily, weekly and monthly planners

You can device your own strategy to declutter and become the judge of your own performance using planners and calendars. You can also use planners with other decluttering techniques discussed above. Also you can try making checklist like these planners.

These are some planners chart for daily, weekly and annually journaling. These will help to prioritise, think clearly and get your goals done more effectively. You can download these planners completely free. Make your life a lot easier with these planners. Declutter better writing your daily tasks and chores on these planners.

Daily planner for decluttering

Weekly planners decluttering techniques

Monthly planner with decluttering checklist

Also browse more charts, planners and checklists from the other article.

We can find our own method to declutter which we feel more feasible to us. We can try working with different methods depending on the setting of our own house and the type of clutter of things we have.

Decluttering your life
Decluttering lifestyle

Decluttering does not apply only on the unwanted things but it can also be applied on the unwanted people, unwanted emotions and unwanted tasks. It is important for us to keep away from the people that are going to bring us down. But surround us with the people that will help build us. Also making way for the positive energy to flow and positive emotions. It will be best for our spiritual beings. It will also be best for productivity of everyday common tasks also for the difficult tasks. This will guide us through to achieve our goals quickly, consistently and completely. We have covered this decluttering of life and decluttering of mind (mind detox) in our other article.


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