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Permaculture Minimalism-the link with simple life, spirituality and zero waste

Minimalistic and permaculture lifestyle is in coherency with one another. Both have the same set of principles to live by. We know that permaculture is a self sustainable method of farming. We also have covered in this website that it is not only a farming method but it's the social, economic and political system combined. Which are the same principles of the way of living in minimalism.

Taking care of all of the parts of your life, the spiritual wellbeing, physical wellbeing, the mental wellbeing are all connected with one and another.

Going in depth about these ethics and principles we get to know that the other movements like minimalism, zero waste movement and many other simple living movements are expanding on these rules and principles. We have discussed in detail about these ethics and principles of permaculture. 

Relation with Spirituality

These principles are even in line with the ethical and moral principles of the major religions like Christianity and Islam. We have restricted our perspective about religion that religion is limited to worshiping in the churches and the mosques. Even that is spirituality like mindfulness, yoga and others. In contrast religion is more like permaculture which is a way of living.

Let's come to the common terms about permaculture, religions, simple living, minimalism, zero waste society and other movements.

In permaculture there is earth care, people care, and fair share so there is the right of living for every creature, taking care of others, making your life meaningful, and turning towards the natural way in every major religion. 

Permaculture and Minimalism Relation with Spirituality
Permaculture and Minimalism Relation with Spirituality

These ideas can also be applied in mindfulness techniques. Which are channeling your energy to make a bond with yourself which in the end makes you content. Zero waste communities are the proponents of an eco friendly lifestyle. Which are as explained in permaculture ethics and principles like recycle, improvise, producing zero waste. Also making interconnected systems, self regulation and use of renewable resources.

Common set of Ideas and Principles

These movements are all connected based on these common principles. Applying these principles, moving towards them, even getting awareness about them will result in positive changings in our lives. What it means is all these things lead to the same principles. Using these principles through different techniques with different names will only result in our better life.

We all should move towards a minimalist way of living with permaculture methods and mindfulness or spirituality for our overall well being. Share your opinion in comments on what are more common things between them and what I got wrong here.

Common Minimalistic Ethics, Ideas and Principles
Common Minimalistic Ideas and Principles


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